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  Internet web sites are very common these days and a great way to promote yourself, your business or your works. The best way to make money on your works is through self promotion and the web should to be part of that. A simple web site can get you a World Wide audience.
Straub Publishing creates basic websites at a reseasonable cost, which includes.
  • Custom, linked pages
  • Style sheet
  • Domain name registration
  • Web hosting service
  • Scanned images

   How Do You Create A Web Pages?

Here are some programing examples

We also realize there are many web hosting companies that allow the do-it-yourself'er to save costs and take more control. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Keep it simple, give the deatils about your book and where to purchase
  • Identify your goals for the site and ensure they are clearly met
  • Keep picture images small, jpg less than 100k (large images load slowly
  • PayPal can allow you to sell through you site easily with good info on their site
  • Ecommerce sites should be professionally made
  • Purchase the developement area, do not edit a live site, it could break
  • Make sure you read all the material available on the host site.
  • If you are NOT technical, pay a web professional
  • Fancy cost extra and does not make a good return (in my option)

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