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  Brasstown Valley, Myths & History
Bass Hyatt, Jr. - 2018

  Brasstown Valley is a small community along Brasstown Creek in North Carolina, close to the Georgia border. This collection of stories and remembrances was put together by local resident Bass Hyatt, who grew up in the community. Steeped in local history, Bass has talked and thought for years about writing about the area. From the first road through the mountains, life in the 40's and 50's, to the current activities this 80 page book is worth a look.
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$9.95 Retail
  Real Mountain Tales
Wally Avett - 2017

  MOUNTAIN TALES is a collection of my magazine stories and newspaper columns published in the past six years. Magazine stories appeared in BLUE RIDGE COUNTRY during the time period 2010-2013. My twice-monthly column, HILLBILLY RANGER, has been printed in the CHEROKEE SCOUT at Murphy since June,2012. The weekly newspaper has been around well over 100 years and I have been affiliated with it for almost half that time, in one way or another.
Author distributes directly.
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$9.95 Retail
  Golden Echoes of the Cemetery at Hanging Dog
The Maintenance & Preservation Committee - 2016

  Hanging Dog Church was established in 1838 by the first white settlers. The Hanging Dog Cemetery contains the remains of many who gave their life fighting for our freedom. This book contains a glimpse into the past of just a few of those buried in Hanging Dog cemetery but leaves uncovered many of their tragedies, trials and laughter encountered during their lifetime.
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$24.95 Retail
  My Time on the Appalachian Trail
Don Pauley - 2015

  Trail Notes from Don Pauley. One can add section hiking the Appalachian Trail to this list of accomplishments. Many people successfully complete this grueling challenge each year but not many of them do it in the manner in which he did. At age 62 Don drove himself from his humble roots of the flat lands of the Midwest to Georgia to begin the mountainous hike.
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$12.95 Retail
  Along The Way, Blue Ridge Scenic
- Rick Straub, Revised 2015

  The popular trip guide originally created in 2007 has been updated and is sold by the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway to their passengers. Local History, sites, rail cars and pictures of the route. This is a railroad excursion trip guide that follows the L&N old route through the North Georgia Mountains.
$5.00 + Shipping

  Railroading 101, 102, 103
(Complete Set)

  Purchase all three books for a discount and receive a bonus, Plus free shipping. The original (101 & 102) books have been revised together with railroading 103 completing the set. All books are autographed.
$24 Special

  Railroading 103 by Rick Straub
Chapter Preview - published 2014

  Third of the railroading series dedicated to steam. Railroading 103 is a book intended for the average rail fan or anyone else interested in learning more about trains. A 96 page paperback with lots great pictures.
$9.95 + Shipping

  Railroading 102 by Rick Straub
Chapter Preview - Revised 2014

  As a conductor/trainman you work the equipment and ensure the passengers are comfortable. On a tourist excursion this amounts to talking to folks and answering questions. Railroading 102 focuses learning more about the roadbed and rail cars. A 96 page paperback with lots great pictures.
$9.95 + Shipping

  Railroading 101 by Rick Straub
Chapter Preview - Revised 2014

  Imagine you are a trainman on a crew with the task of building a passenger train for an excursion. Railroading 101 was written to walk the average person through a day in the life of a trainmen. Learn what to say, and how things work, for the serious trainman. A 96 page paperback with lots great pictures.
$9.95 + Shipping

  A Bear Paw Ramble
by Ron Taylor - 2013

  A Bear Paw Ramble uncovers many facets and characteristics about this wonderful mountain region in North Carolina. The Bear Paw community was born as the village in the 1930's that housed the workers needed to build the Hiawassee Dam. While not a history book, its 360 pages has hundreds of pictures and personal recollections from people in the area.
Author distributes directly.
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$24.99 Retail
  Muffin Mania
by Jean A. Nethery - 2013

  Jean Nethery has spent 7 years putting together a muffin cookbook which includes personal stories of family, friends and experiences. It contains mouth-watering recipes such as Miz Tadlock's Jalapeno Corn Muffins, Gulf Coast Lemon Muffins and Mom N's Red Velvet Cake Muffins. Although muffin recipes are the main focus of the book, the importance of family and friendships also is stressed.
$9.99 + Shipping

  Recipes From The Past
By Rae Ann Straub - 2012

  A collection of recipes my mother had written down. This book is an example of four generations working together to document the past. A spiral bound book of memories to be passed down through generations to come.
$8.00 + Shipping
  America First Market Guide
by Clifton Deal - 2012
America First Web Site

  The America First Market Guide will lead you through the patent process and on into the American Market. Step by Step, learn how to spot dishonest invention firms, which can save thousands. Clifton Deal holds numerous patents on toys, tools, exercise equipment and more pending. He shares his experiences in this handbook. Step by Step Patent to Market Guide From the Inventors Desk
$12.99 + Shipping

  Data Center Real Estate
by Ken Baudry - 2013

  Ken published his second in the series of project management books as Exceeding Expectations II. Tailored to data center real estate. this is revised of the original publication of 2012.
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$14.95 Retail
  Exceeding Expectations I - 2009
Managing the Office Build Out
by Ken Baudry with contributions from Steve Dumas

  Specifically aimed at understanding and managing the acquisition, design and construction of office facilities. It is written for the facility manager, real estate director or business manager who finds themselves the occasional project manager.   
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$16.95 Retail

  Reflections From The Mountains
Georgia Mountain Writers Club - Published 3/2012

  Celebrating our tenth year in existence by publishing our first book. In these pages you will find Poems, Short Stories, Personal Essays', Fiction and Nonfiction. These reflections are from the authors individual lives now and from their past.
$14.95 + Shipping

GMWC reserves the right to distribute directly.
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  Greta's Gallery
View Post Cards
Greta Strandholt Dawson, October 2011

  Greta is a Watercolorist She has decided to make her art available in the form of postcards and prints. Check out her gallery of available works through the published link above.
Out Of Print
  Weeks Family Connections
Faye A. Brown 7/2011

  Stories about the Weeks family ancestors who made their way from England to New England in 1636. Massachusetts to Maryland and over into the Carolinas. After fighting in the Seminole Indian wars, they made their way into the Everglades in southwest Florida. The hardships they endured tell of the hardy stock they were made of.

$9.95 + Shipping
Mountain Heritage
Historic Preservation Committee, May 2011

  The Story of Western North Carolina's Communities of Unaka, Ogreeta, Bethel, Copper Creek and Upper Beaverdam. A project of the Unaka Community Development Club.
$24.95 + Shipping

Author reserves the right to distribute directly.
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  Good Times with Daddy
Cindy Hulsey 10/2010

  Samuel learns about feelings as he spends more time with his dad. This children's book is dedicated to Cindy's grandson. A 32 page color, hard case wrapped book with great illustrations.
Author distributes directly.
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$14.95 Retail
  The Art of Self-Publishing
Rick Straub 2010

  There is a lot of information about self-publishing on the internet and available from publishing companies. I found most everyone has many of the same questions about getting started. I tell how my titles came about, discuss the publishing process, give tips and examples. I use this book myself regularly as a reference tool.   
$6.00 Online Price
  Exploring the Hiwassee River Basin
Rick Straub 2009
Published August 2010

  The Hiwassee River Basin is an area of valleys, forests, rivers and streams that feed the Hiwassee River. The basin consists of communities, and historical places in a tri-state area of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. There is a lot of activities and things to see here all year round. This book gives some local history and ideas for places to explore.   
$6.00 Online Price
  Copper Country
Rick Straub 2007
Chapter Preview

  Over 150 years ago copper was mined and hauled over land. The copper hauler was the conductor of his time. Today the mines are closed, and the modern day conductor brings his train into town for visitors. Copper Country has changed from mining to recreation and the great out doors. Explore the history and beauty of the mountains as it is today, with a little history. A 96 page paperback book with history and plenty of pictures.
$6.00 Online Price
  The Secret of The Christmas Train
Rick Straub 2006

  All aboard! The story gives a reason for Santa to ride the train every year. It's used in conjunction with railroads enabling Specialty trips that include activities, and a very special guest during the holiday season.

  Created in 2006 to introduce Santa and explain why he is on the train. A 32 page illustrated, paperback book. Comes with Activity book and crayons.

$9.95 Retail

$6.00 Online Price

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