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Paper Weight

   The basis weight of a paper is designated at 500 sheets and measured in pounds. The "basic sheet size" is not the same for all types of paper. The caliper refers to the thickness of a sheet of paper measured with a micro meter. This may be slightly different for each paper manufacturer. The measurement is in thousandth of an inch and millimeters. The greater the caliper measurement equates to greater the paper weight. You can calculate the pages per inch(PPI) by dividing 2 by the caliper.

Selected Paper weights
"Bond" "Offset" "Cover" Caliper (in.) Millimeters PPI
16 40 22 .0032 .081 625
1845 24 .0036 .092 555
20 50 28 .0038.097 526
24 60 33 .0048 .12 417
28 70 40 .0060 .152 333
31 81 45 .0061.155 327

Equivalent Weight of different paper types can be compared. By comparing the the weights of standard copier paper (bond), you can see how this will affect your book. The thickness of the paper also depends on the type of paper (offset, recycled, natural, gloss, matt). To depermine the size of the spine divide the PPI by the number of pages in your book.

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