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Greta Strandholt Dawson (Mahgreta)

Watercolorist and Author of “Dance of the Mushroom Trolls”

   In 1988 she attended water color classes at Tri-County Community College in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. This is where her dream came into fruition, as water colors became her passion. She also attended the J.C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC with watercolorist, Carl Musgrave.

In 2010 Greta entered her fantasy flower painting, “Hearts ‘n Flowers,” in the Senior Citizen’s SILVER ARTS competition (3 counties). It took second place. Next year she hopes to enter three of her paintings: Red Hat Mama, Rising Above the Undercurrents of Life, and The Masked Mermaid.

Greta’s message? “It’s never too late to soar into the universe. Press on towards your dream. Listen and Learn. Gently knock on the door of your heart and enter into your beautiful mind of personal revelation, for it is there you will find a powerful message of fulfillment—a place where you, like me, will feel deeply and wonderfully blessed. From that vantage point, “catch the spirit of purpose,” for your world of creativity awaits you. Then, simply, pass it on!”

Straub Publishing is transforming Greta's art into post cards and prints to make her art available to to public. The following postcards are available. Contact us for pubchase information.

Empty Moccasins The Gifted Mind Teen Troll Miss Tyrious
Rising Above the
of Life
Red Hat Mama
Mountain View Don't Rain
on My Parade
Green Heads
and Sam
Lonesome Apart Santa's TrainAlong The Way

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