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For services or consulting please send all inquires to Info @ Straub Publishing

I published my first book "Along The Way, Blue Ridge Scenic" in 2007 as a Trip Guide to give a short history of a local train route in in the North Georgia Mountains. Since that time I have written and published books for myself and others from what I have learned. Today their is alot more folks writing their own material and I offer my help and assistance in many areas.

For Books select Titles, For any other information please send an email to Info @ Straub Publishing and we will respond as soon as possible.

Custom Services

We provide computer and publishing services to the individual or small business. Treating your book publishing as a project using a team approach will maximize the potential of a successful promotion. Start by defining your goals and available resources, then create a plan and simply follow the plan.

Basic Publishing

  • One-on-One Support
  • Author check list
  • Book Coaching
  • Text Formating
  • Image prep
  • Work with book manufacturer
  • Prepare print specifications
  • Book binding options consulting
  • Cover design assistance
  • PDF publication files

Assisted Self Publishing

More people are becoming self-publishers yet still need some help. We provide the assistance that allows you to be the publisher and control your work. The first step is to discuss things like marketing, inventory, material costs and who might be interested in the subject matter.
Remember there are several aspects to consider. Formating the material into books or digital content, finding a book manufacturer or online distributor and what do you expect of the outcome (fame, fortune, enjoyment, outher). Knowledge and planning are the best tools for success.

Email us with your project specifics so we determine how to help.

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