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Real Mountain Tales

How to Order

Autographed copies of novels can be ordered from the author.

Real Mountain Tales is priced at $9.95 each.
Real Mountain Tales 2 is priced at $9.95 each.
Murder in Caney Fork and Last Bigfoot in Dixie are $14.95 each.
Coosa Flyer and Rebel Bushwhacker are priced at $17.99 each.

(Prices are fixed and printed by publishers, appearing plainly in bar code.)
Checks should be made out to Wally Avett and amounts should include
$3 for each book, for postage and handling.
Mailing address for purchaser should be block-printed or typed, easy to read.

Thanks for your business,
Thanks for reading

Wally Avett
1173 Martins Cr. Rd.
Murphy NC 28906

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