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  Rick Straub worked with the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway from 2000, A Conductor since 2001 until 2017. He started the volunteer newsletter in 2005 and helped introduce technology to improve operations.

Realizing that visitors desired information about trains and the area of the North Georgia Mountains he started writing books and published his first "Along The Way" in 2007 as a trip guide and Railroading 101 and 102 for the enthusiast. His works expanded into area's around TN. and NC. with "The Hiwassee River Basin" and "Copper Country".
In 2014 he revised his railroad books with Railroading 103 discussing steam to complete the set of 4.

  Grandfather of three (from daughter Candice), he now lives in the North Georgia Mountains with his wife, Rae Ann and daughter, Carley.
  Many enthusiast over the years have asked questions about books and publishing, many of the same questions. He has published several books for others as well as material for kids to enjoy.

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